Six Steps to Selling

Our steps to selling
The following is a summary of the process through which we’ll guide you, customized to focus on your needs, every step of the way.

1. Prepare your house
You’ve decided to sell. Great! Now is the time to clean, paint, repair, and organize. Your goal is to attract buyers and stimulate demand. But more than making your home attractive, preparing also involves discussing your reasons for selling, determining when to sell, and signing a listing agreement. If it seems like a lot, it is. No worries—our professionals will help you with all of these tasks.

2. Set your price
When suggesting a list price, we consider your needs as well as market conditions. But price is not everything—we will explain how other terms impact the sale and your bottom line.

3. Market your house
By this step your home has been entered into the local MLS system, as well as multiple websites. But marketing does not stop there. Now you will receive our customized marketing plan that details our strategy for selling your home. This plan includes an open-house schedule and samples of marketing materials.
[more on marketing]

4. Evaluate offers
Our professionals will evaluate the small print and tricky contract clauses to help you decide which offer is best. Want to make a counter offer? No problem. Negotiating is crucial and we are your advocates. We will guide you through the bargaining process.

5. Close
This step is also called “settlement.” It means you have accepted a contract to sell your home. Now come the checks, appraisals, and inspections (from titles to termites). Of course, we arranges all of these details for you. The actual closing is a meeting with settlement officers and agents. In the end the buyers will have the keys and you will have your money.

6. Move
Okay, you’re done. You probably will move out before officially closing the deal, but we put this stage at the end because it bookends the process. Congratulations on selling your home!

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