House InteriorFoster Spahr Real Estate, headquartered in Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland and it’s managing member/owner, Dan Spahr, is a principal in various Real Estate related partnerships and ventures.

FSRE and its various partnerships, purchase distressed and non-performing investment properties. The properties in the portfolio are then redeveloped and sold, or held, managed and rented. In addition to our own portfolio, we regularly work with outside investors to provide an opportunity to participate in real estate investment opportunities. FSRE offers a full turn-key investment opportunity and manages the acquisition, development, management, and disposition of assets with the goal of maximizing our investors returns. And we always have ‘skin in the game’. We contribute a significant amount of equity along side our partners to every project we invest in so our investors have the confidence that our risks are aligned.

Foster Spahr investors and buyers can expect that properties purchased from or with FSRE meet the highest level of standards set by our managing partners. Our properties are carefully selected, screened, renovated and personally inspected by our staff to provide quality for the tenants, to maximize rents, minimize vacancy, minimize deferred maintenance expense, and maximize overall return on investment.

We are actively seeking both single-family and multi-family residential investment opportunities. If you have a property you would like to discuss or if you are an investor interested in learning more more about investment opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us at 240-695-2383 or contact Dan Spahr directly at
240-375-5217 or

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